Parent Notice

Welcome to Stars Soccer League

Saturday-Only-Soccer (SSL)

12 week season schedule

SSL is a recreational soccer league. Player participation, skill development, and having fun through learning the wonderful sport of soccer are our primary goals. Please visit our website at for more information.













Practice Time

9:30 am

10:30 am

11:30 am

12:30 pm

Please support our efforts to teach good sportsmanship by your words and actions towards the players, coaches, and other spectators. Respect the coaches and referees at all times. Taunting of players is never acceptable. Please do not leave litter on the practice or game fields. Let’s all work together to keep our parks clean and safe. Some practice parks are located in residential neighborhoods, so please be courteous and park vehicles along the street curbs that are adjacent to the parks and not in front of homes.

Park Assignments/Transfer Week: Most children are placed with their first park choice, however, in order to guarantee equal number of teams and game-play, Stars Soccer needs to have the option to transfer children to a another park in order to make full teams. Stars Soccer will be reviewing all park registration and rosters in an effort to balance rosters prior to uniform distribution. During this review Stars Soccer will be contacting parents who may fall within this category about transfer consideration. Stars Soccer will identify transfers candidates on a last registered first consideration basis. Stars Soccer will provide replacement jerseys for those candidates asked to transfer if the request is made after uniform distribution. Parent initiated transfer request, upon approval by Stars Soccer, may require the purchase of a new jerseys for new park assignment.

YOU CAN PURCHASE UNIFORM ITEMS AND REGISTER ONLINE. Please order uniform items as soon as possible to ensure items will be ready on uniform distribution day.

Uniform Distribution: Distribution will occur the weekend of Practice #4. Location and times will be posted on the website prior to Practice #2.

Please see calendar on next page: Practices will be held at the home practice parks. Please report to the park you registered for  unless assigned to another park and Stars Soccer has communicated this to you. Games will be held at one of three regional game parks: Truman Park, Garfield Park (ABQ Valley), and CNM Universe Park (NW ABQ & Rio Rancho). All teams will travel to distant game parks to ensure that teams play other teams from all areas.

Late Registration Fees: $150.00 for returning players who have previously purchased a game jersey for the park assigned. $170.00 ($150+$20) for new players or returning players that only want to purchase a game jersey. $196.00 ($150+$46) for new players or returning players that want to purchase a complete uniform (consisting of game jersey, soccer shorts and soccer socks).

Please note that these fees include the cost of a participation trophy that will be awarded to players at the end of game 7.

Snack Schedules: Parents are encouraged to take turns to bring snacks to games. Stars Soccer offers an online system for parents to sign up for snacks. If you do not have internet access, please see your coach and he can assist you with signing up.

Final season registration will be the weekend of Practice #3. Anyone wanting to register after this date will need to contact the SSL office at 505-898-9999. Late registrants will be considered however may not be accepted.

Registrants must register online or through SSL offices, Coaches cannot register players.

Requirements: Players are required to have a practice ball, shin guards, and a water bottle for practices and games. Players must wear shin guards during all practices and games. Players are required to have a Stars Soccer League game jersey. Players that do not have shin guards and a game jersey at check-in before games will not be allowed to play. Soccer cleats are not required, but are strongly recommended for all ages. Cleats that have a toe spike and/or contain metal are prohibited.

Refund policy: Refunds will only be granted for requests made prior to the 1st Practice. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Teams: SSL will make every effort to have team names assigned by the Practice #2. TEAM NAMES will be announced and will be listed on the coach’s attendance roster. Please check with the coach to determine the player’s assigned team name. You MUST know which team your child is assigned in order to understand the game schedule.

Game Schedules and Maps: Game schedules for Games with maps and directions to the game parks, will be POSTED ONLINE. Review the game schedule and game park maps carefully. If you have any questions please ask the coach immediately.

Picture Day: Picture day will be held on the day of the 3rd scheduled Game. Additional information on pictures will be announced at a later time.

Game or Practice cancellation:

Poor weather conditions sometimes require full or partial game or practice cancellations. Please call the SSL Office approximately ONE HOUR prior to scheduled game or practice time to listen to posted updates at 505-898-9999. Canceled games and/or practices will not be rescheduled. The next practice or game scheduled on the calendar will be in-effect. Stars Soccer will post on its website and Facebook page any cancellations.

Season Schedule:

Week 1 Practice #1 All teams practice at their home fields
Week 2 Practice #2 All teams practice at their home fields
Week 3 Practice #3 All teams practice at their home fields
Week 4 Practice #4 All teams practice at their home fields
Week 5 Game #1 See game schedule
Week 6 Game #2 See game schedule
Week 7 Game #3 See game schedule Picture Day
Week 8 Game #4 See game schedule
Week 9 Game #5 See game schedule
Week 10 Game #6 See game schedule
Week 11 Final Game #7 See game schedule Participation Trophies awarded
Week 12 Tournament End of Season Tournament